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Exercise 4 (page 74)
1. a. Parks in California too general
(b.) Redwood trees in California
c. The age of redwoods too specific
2. a. The land in Scotland too general
b. How trees hold earth in place too specific
(c.) Forests in Scotland
3.(a.) the importance of forests
b. Taking vacations in forests too specific
c. large forest too general
Exercise 5 (page 75)
Some Facts about Weather
1. topic : The Discover of Lightning
2. topic : Kind of Clouds
Exercise 6 (page 76)
The Use of Water
1. topic : Where drinking water comes from
2. topic : Water problems
3. topic : How to use water carefully
Exercise 7 (page 77)
Galileo Galilei
1. topic : Galileo’s interest in science
2. topic : Galileo’s first experiment about gravitation
3. topic : The disagree of Galileo’s scientific ideas
Exercise 8 (page 78)
Popular Drinks
1. topic : How to make a tea
2. topic : The dissemination of coffee
3. Orange juice is one of the most popular cold drinks
Exercise 9 (page 80)
Some Ideas about Clothes
1. (b.) Clothes can tell a lot about a person
2. (b.) Clothes have to be chosen carefully when you travel
3. (c.) Clothes today are different from clothes of the 1800s
Exercise 10 (page 81)
Chemistry in the Past
1. (b.) Chemistry lived before the 1700s
2. (a.) Robert Boyle helped build the science of alchemy
3. (b.) Antoine Lavoisier studied the size and weight of water


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