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1. So many people ARE waiting outside.ENGLISH : GRAMMAR (VERB SUBJECT AGREEMENT
2. The office next door WAS closed all day yesterday.
3. The print on the labels IS so small.
4. The carpet HAS so many stains on it that it NEEDS to be replaced.
5. The Trade Union members’ meeting IS downstairs in the Conference Room.
6. Mr. and Mrs. Taylor HAVE moved in the next door to us.
7. Two cars and a coach WERE involved in the motorway accident.
8. His application form for the new job, which WAS posted yesterday, HAS gone missing.
9. My neighbor PLAYS his music so loud that the walls almost VIBRATE.
10. Ricardo DOES not care whether United or City IS winning.
11. The bouquet of flowers HAS just arrived.
12. He MAKES use of the computer now, and even WRITES reports for the manager with it.


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